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jessiebaylin's Journal

The Jessie Baylin Community
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A community for singer-songwriter, Jessie Baylin

The Jessie Baylin Community

Welcome to LiveJournal's only community dedicated to the extremely talented singer-songwriter, Jessie Baylin. Please join and show your love! Reviews, pictures, articles, in-person experiences and graphics are all welcome. Just keep it friendly!

One rule: Do not post tracks or albums that are available for purchase. Please support the artists that you love by legally obtaining their work.

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You can contact the moderator with questions or concerns by commenting on this post. All comments are screened. You can also email or PM halfway_content {Michelle}.


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Demand Jessie Baylin in Charlotte!
Jessie Baylin in Charlotte - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

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The Jessie Baylin Community Photos

(Note: I'm still in the process of organizing and tagging. I'm trying to make sure photographers are credited. If you have photos to share or information about something uploaded to the album, please let me know!)

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